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Optimise. Expand. Grow.

Telecom operators worldwide are under pressure to deliver more and more bandwidth to millions of new subscribers. Customer expectations are rising almost as fast as their data consumption rates.

The place where billions of high-frequency signals turn into digital, cable-bound data streams is the antenna mast. Right here, between base station and antenna, the quality of the transmission between network and end-user is defined.

The Fibre to the Antenna (FTTA) & FTTx solutions that we offer ensures that not only current but also standards to be expected in the future will be met without compromise.

To deliver against these expectations, you need to address a two-sided challenge. On one side, you need to improve speed, capacity and coverage. On the other, you need to maintain market share, grow revenue and map out a reliable upgrade path.

Along the way, you’ll need to:

  • Optimise capacity through cell densification and sector splitting by adding the latest technology without adding interference;
  • Maximise efficiencies system-wide by profiling network performance statistics, user trends and per-user profitability via advanced data processing;
  • Expand backhaul capacity to keep up with growing demand

Challenges this big need a global partner capable of scaling designs and delivering consistent quality on budget.

We can help your business grow, with Industry-leading fibre-optic technology that deploys fast and supports even the most demanding FTTA and FTTC applications. For more information please contact us