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Hyperscale UHDCi® Solution

Data Centre Hyperscale UHDCi® Solution: SN® Ultra HDCi® LX4 High Density Patch Panel & Cassette Modules

Scalability and density.

Fibre patch panels offer the highest level of scalability and density. Ultra HDCi® High-density fibre patch panel or enclosure is an ideal solution for installation with space constraints.

Ultra HDCi® LX4 High-density fibre optic patch panels have been engineered to be able to significantly increase density for both patching and splicing. High-density patch panels maximize the amount of adaptor panels per rack unit of height. There are several features that make a high-density fibre patch panel in an exceptionally nice product to work with. The sliding tray has locking positions to prevent over-extending the fibres. High-density patch panels also have a split top design which allows for easier cable management, and improved strain relief for the cable ingress. LX4 fibre optic patch panels are rack-mountable patch panels designed to support the storage of splice trays. They provide highdensity fibre connectivity solutions. LX4 patch panels have universal mounting hardware to hold fully terminated cassette modules. This maximises the performance of networking space while saving valuable installation time.