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High Density Converged Infrastructure.


Speed & Performance.

Our High Density Converged Infrastructure (HDCi) solutions are designed to deliver fast performance, quickly. From high-speed connectivity solutions that reduce power usage to factory pre-terminated multi-fibre cabling that enable fast, onsite installation to modular fibre management systems that provide scalable solutions for your fibre infrastructure, OptronicsPlus HDCi Solutions can accelerate deployment while improving your bottom line today.

We are here to help you keep your datacentre up and running using our innovative solutions and products. We collaborate with you, serving to provide answers to make your systems operate faster, economically and with less down-time.


Up-time & Dependability

Clients expect datacentres to provide constantly, reliably, all the time, without disruption 24/7, 365 day per year because down-time can be disastrous. Just a few minutes of down-time can cost millions in trade. In an ever data hungry world, your datacentre is often the first point-of-sale with customers. Your ability to respond almost instantly lies at the heart of today’s business models. You expect your IT investments to accelerate your speed of response, provide agility to meet new demands, and constantly reduce your cost of operation.

High Density Converged Infrastructure (HDCi) is essential for your business to ensure that your datacentre infrastructures can meet future challenges. The economic, logical basis for deploying Hyper Density Converged Infrastructure goes way beyond traditional IT SAN’s.


Efficiency & Sustainability

Generally, only about 50% of energy used by datacentres essentially powers the servers and SAN. So how can you reduce the waste and increase efficiency? Our HDCi product range can assist your company in reducing its carbon footprint and take a positive step towards fighting climate change. We achieve these results as our High Density Converged Infrastructure solutions have been designed to offer optimisations both in performance and efficiency.


HDCi Product Range