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Datacentre Solutions

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Data Centres are the epicentre of corporate and modern business and range in size; from single comms rooms to Hyperscale Centres supporting international organisations. Whatever their size, they all have to deliver undisrupted instant access to current and precise data the moment it is needed. Therefore, they ought to provide a reliable ecosystem to host equipment and to minimise downtime, meeting modern-day industry demands.

Our industry expertise has given us insights to better grasp the issues you face daily and thus help you maximise the efficiency of your enterprise while reducing operational expenses by implementing the right fusion of technologies.

Optronics Plus offers robust, flexible and modular internal management solutions that can be completely tailored to the client’s needs. Our line of MTP® and Active Solutions have been designed to cover all the requirements for high-density and low-loss performance in modern data centres. As the demand for higher bandwidth increases, our wide range of MTP® assemblies, internal management LGX modules, active optical cables and active equipment can be the ideal solution for a reliable and top of the line performance network.

Our ‘Hyper Density Converged Infrastructure – HDCi’ series is a blend of high performance products, which focuses on minimising costs and increasing efficiency. An essential line of products for your business, which will ensure that your datacentre infrastructure can meet future challenges.

Optronics Plus offers a wide variety of optical and copper connectivity options for data centre and high-performance computing environments. Connectivity options include 100G QSFP28, 25G SFP28 and 400G QSFP-DD optical transceivers along with the full range DAC and AOC solutions offering a significate personality of low power and high level compatibility for DCN, Switch, Router and data connections.

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