Commited to Quality, Performance & Reliability.

OptronicsPlus believes that achieving product excellence requires rising above industry standards; being better than our competitors by developing superior designs and manufacturing them with excellent processes, tight controls, and first-rate materials. Indeed, higher levels of quality and reliability are symbols of all OptronicsPlus products.

Those objectives start with strong support from the management team and extends to a persistence to deliver excellent client service long after we despatch our products. Our corporate philosophy highlights that quality and reliability must be built into all our products, we encourage all employees to be continuously dedicated to quality. The result is a OptronicsPlus culture of quality that comprises a results-driven methodology. 

  • Structured training programs for our fabrication, assembly, test, process control personnel and supporting organisations
  • Team-based problem solving methodologies
  • Stringent in-process inspections, gates, and monitors
  • Rigorous qualification and evaluations of designs, materials, and processing procedures
  • On-going reliability monitors and process verifications
  • Real-time statistical process control methods
  • Company-level audits of manufacturing, subcontractors, and suppliers
  • Control of non-conforming material
  • A robust corrective-action system, with a strong focus on verification and follow-through for permanent systematic solutions